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It A’int Easy Goin’ International Baby August 18, 2011

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Man oh man – this living international stuff is not for the faint of heart, I tell ya :/ we are not as global of a society as we would like to think :/

we need to have an EU approved car seat for the baby upon arrival. So I’m trying to place an order w/ a UK website, but they can’t accept my U.S. billing address in their system. I emailed them but they said they couldn’t place the order for me, it had to be completed online. So I call one of my credit card companies to get the address changed to our place in Birmingham. The first Indian customer service agent disconnected my while trying to place me on hold. The second Indian customer service agent informed me that I would have to call them every 30 days to extend my travel notice if I want to use the card over there or my account will get frozen, and we will be charged at 3% international fee on any purchases made abroad. He also left me marginally convinced he had updated my address correctly (and certainly not because he is Indian, but I got the clear impression that he was as familiar with UK addresses as I am:/) Oye. Back to the website to see if I can get this order placed…grr.

…and this is just a classic example of the process we’ve had to go through for pretty much everything, and we probably will have to go through all sorts of hoops the whole time we’re over there too lol He never said it would be easy…


Dream Journal: Me & Mel Gibson August 17, 2011

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So last night I dreamt that I was called back to UWyo for the summer theatre production of Macbeth (although trust me, that certainly is not what this play was lol). It is only upon arrival that I find out I am cast as Mel Gibson’s leading lady. That’s right folks, Mel Gibson had jacked up his career enough that I was being handed an opportunity to act opposite him on stage (nothing against myself, theatre, and/or the University of Wyoming)!He looked like shit, but he took the role very seriously and really did teach me a lot lol! Leigh Selting was the director,¬†of course; and one thing I remember is having to sneak away from some very intense table work and duck into the kitchen (of course we were rehearsing at some lodge-y retreat type place) to ask them if they had anything that would work as a pump because my breasts were full :/ Also, Mel was terrible at sword play, he looked like a drunk sailor doing it; and at points I seriously thought Leigh was going to have an anurism. The shakespeare play (that I made up in my dream) was called Macbeth, but it was actually more of a cross between Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet WITH the added character of Falstaff; who, by the way, was played by an ex of mine (which, in my opinion was actually excellent casting on my part, if I do say so myself)!

Oy, what a “dream”-ady haha!