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A Cloth Diaper Defense: Taking Power Away from the Corporations, One Diaper at a Time July 29, 2013

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DANNY JOHNSTON / AP fileI’ll apologize in advance for climbing up on my soap box here, but frankly – this article offends me!

“It Made Me Feel Ashamed – Poor Moms Anguish Over Diaper Cost”

We will have spent a TOTAL of around $500 cloth diapering both of our children COMBINED! Disposable diapers are expensive! The facts support that,in the long run, cloth diapers are easier on your child, your pocketbook, and the environment. They go on to say that UTIs and diaper rash run rampant among this demographic because mother are having to ration/stretch out/ scrape off and reuse (hello!) disposable diapers, because of their high cost. Nowhere in this article does the author, or any of these service agents the article references, even mention cloth diapering as an option, when it is a hands-down solution to every issue this article raises!!!

Now trust me, I am all about freedom of choice. In no way am I implying that I judge anyone who chooses to go the disposable route (we ourselves indulge in disposable diapers when we travel, and are happy to pay the cost for that convenience at those times).
But, the most offensive part of this article, for me, is the ‘shame’ part of it. These women are feeling shamed that they ‘have’ to put their children through all of this when the don’t! You do not have to buy disposable diapers!!! And it is not these poor women that necessarily offend me. Their ‘shameful’ view of themselves is a clear reflection of our society. ‘Scraping diapers and reusing them’…that’s one step away from cloth diapering right there…once again’We’ (the Royal We), are compromising our self worth to make huge companies like Pampers and Huggies even richer, and that deeply saddens me.
To all of my parents out there – if any of you are feeling the pocket book stress of disposable diapers out there, please feel free to contact me and discuss cloth diapering as an option. I am a ‘poor’ mother, and I do not feel ashamed. Cloth diapering empowers me, and I promise it can for you too ❤