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Attachment Leads to Suffering September 2, 2015

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Anyone remember when my wedding ring got destroyed by our garbage disposal??? Yup, last December, just past our first Wedding anniversary…that sucked. IMG_2819I pride myself on not being hung up on material possessions; in fact I spent most of our relationship imploring Eric​ to find me something reasonable and modest (when the time came), which he very kindly did. It was definitely one of the most treasured possessions I have ever received; and to have my sink shred it up so effortlessly, made me realize that it was, in fact, priceless.

Eric (in guy mode) wanted to get it replaced/fixed right away, but I was too heartbroken to deal with it at the time.

This spring we were headed on a family cruise to the Caribbean (where I spent the 1st year of my life). It was very near our 10th anniversary together, and I felt it the perfect opportunity to do some ring shopping (window shopping at the least), but Eric just was NOT having it -ha! So that window passed…

…and then last week, some ring ad popped up in my Facebook news feed. I clicked on it; and after spending less than 10 mins looking around, I just got too overwhelmed and had to walk away. Well NOW, every time I get on the computer, there are ring ads popping up EVERYWHERE!! They won’t go away, and it just feels like pouring salt in my wound and now it’s 9 months later; and frankly,I’m just feeling very emotional and devastated about the whole situation!!!

Attachment leads to suffering….I know this; and yet, I still just can’t figure out how to move on… 😦