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Making Lemonade and Chasing Rainbows in the name of the U.S. of A. January 19, 2017

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Making Lemonade and Chasing Rainbows

11666222_10206042852604049_2688583520507393807_nToday is National Resist Day; tomorrow are the inaugural ceremonies for the 45th President of our United States of America; and the day following will be an historic Women’s March on Washington. I choose to support and celebrate all of these. These are all things that deeply represent, to me, what is great about the America I live in; and this week’s upcoming political activities have, indeed, put me in a pensive state.

melania-trump-feet-720891I’ve been thinking about Melania Trump, and what a Cinderella story she is, a real and sincere American Dream tale. Born with some favor in looks; and more importantly, the bravery and ambition to leave home in pursuit of opportunity in far off lands – that is Oprah’s textbook definition of Luck, where Preparation meets Opportunity! And Melania is a legit immigrant, which I think is cool, the ‘first one’ in over 200 years! And yeah, she speaks with an accent, and I love that – and she speaks 6 languages! I hope she can be a beacon of possibility, of legitimacy for expanding and enriching the image and notion of what being an American looks and sounds like. She exudes confidence and humility; I have always seen her represent kindness and she clearly practices and exercises Grace within her marriage. She places high priority on her role as a mother, has a strong parenting philosophy, and her insistence to remain in NYC until Baron finishes school feels like a win for women’s rights. And when I think about the backlash Michelle Obama received when she first started showing up as the FLOTUS with no sleeves on (gasp!), I can’t help but see progress for women, when the next FLOTUS is being supported on the back of a very successful career in lingerie fashion! And, I like that she’s Episcopalian. That Church has been ordaining female priests for decades! I have family who are Episcopal, and they’ll jokingly refer to themselves as being “catholic-lites” and/or “the cool Christians”, which I love. And now here, both Mr. & Mrs. Trump have been featured in Playboy and it just all feels very authentic – go Episcopals!  It truly, sincerely floats my boat – hehe!!! So there’s a really nice little list I can authentically embrace about her, and I can celebrate her as a woman, and many of her achievements in the unity of this week’s myriad events.

I have also been thinking a lot about Ivanka, like a lot. And for a very long time. You see Ivanka and I are the exact same age; born in 1981! Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Queen Bey herself – all products of 1981. And we all grew up on reality T.V.  She & I  both watched Britney and JT on the Mickey Mouse club when we got home from school in the 80s, I know it. We for sure were both checking out her best friends Paris & Nicole parade around on MTV sets, all the while we were off at college studying for our finals. Of course I watched that Born Rich show,  and I appreciated her keeping it real; I thought she was brave for being willing to speak candidly about her affluence, her privilege. And then just a few seasons after we swooned over Beyoncé serenading  the Obama’s into the White House, Ivanka officially stepped onto her own stage as her father’s boardroom judge and adviser on the debut season of NBC’s hit The Celebrity Apprentice. Eric and I remember watching that very first episode and thinking 1) she is so hot and 2) good for her. We watched many seasons of their reality TV show; and over the last 8 years she has consistently demonstrated, to me, that she has got the goods! She is the real #winner of the Trump dynasty, and it has seemed transparent to me, that all the men in her family fully agree! And I love that!!

According to the Chinese Zodiac, those born in the year 1981 are done so under the sign of the Rooster. So I’m a Rooster, and Ivanka is a Rooster, and can you guess what happens in 2017?! We will be entering into the new Chinese Year of the Rooster!!! It is literally about to be Our year! And so of course I’ve been reading up on some of this stuff and it’s been making me feel quite a bit better, concerning my own personal outlook for 2017…and also  really, it’s served as superstitious confirmation of the impressions I have always had of Ivanka –  that she is just solid, and genuine, and someone I can really put some faith behind.  Specifically, those born in 1981 are categorized as Gold Roosters, and according to one of google’s top hitting Zodiac sites “people of the Gold element and Rooster sign are able to distinguish right from wrong, having the clearest mindset and the most considerable power of independent criticism among all of the 12 zodiac signs.They are determined and brave enough to face all difficulties, and they make a great fortune due to their perseverance and hard work in life, just as the old Chinese saying goes: “no pain, no gain.” 


Well if that doesn’t sound like something you should put your faith behind, then I don’t know what is! So I choose to believe this about both of us, and to celebrate us both this year because it makes me feel good to do so!

Ivanka is 35 years old, like me, awkwardly teetering within that social chink, the sliver of light (as I like to think of us) that shines between the cornerstones that proudly define Gen X AND the Millennials. And just like me, she & I both studied French in school – which make us both cooler and more frivolous than anyone who took Spanish!  She walked away from her budding success in modeling to focus on academics, she has been executive vice-president of a major company for a decade, she eventually branched out into her own line of business and has developed a successful portfolio, all the while converting to Judaism and bearing three children in her personal life! And I have never once heard her apologize or make excuses for her desire to be a working mom – and good for her! Again, this really makes me feel like a win for Feminism – I can hear glass cracking around me. And here she is being brave and willing to just hand most of what she has built over to others, in pursuit of an historic and incredible opportunity to help support and shape a presidential administration…I mean really, Go Ivanka. A big standing O, Girl! Step into your power – I am rooting for you!!


So in full disclosure, my stomach has felt sour and my head has been stormy much of this week; but today, on the Eve before the ceremonies that symbolize the peaceful transfer of power between the arguable leader(s) of the free-world begin, making lemonade and chasing rainbows just feels like the truly American thing to do right now!


San Diego, California circa 2008 I’m in the Red tank top toward the right, Bestie Jessica Freeman is holding the “Yo Mama 4 Obama” sign front and center, ‘Daddy’ Dustin Abbott is dressed in black & sporting the shades on the left, and their best friend Zach Scheffler is barely visible between them ❤

And I must confess, I feel both nervous and extremely hopeful! But what can I say – I am an Obama Kid at heart, and shamelessly so! I bought his books and read them, gushed over he & his wife on Ellen; I attended his rallies, and shook his hand and landed myself on the cover of local magazines with my besties for doing so! I quite smoking cigarettes for him, because he had too, and in the name of health care!! I have always done my darndest  to avoid wearing sleeves, just like Lady Michelle!! My boyfriend and I made not one Obama baby, but two!! I just adore the Obamas, and they have made me feel proud on so many occasions – Yes We Can!  Sí se puede! Hope For Change! When They Go low We Go High!!! Michelle’s Mom, and the daughters, and the White House garden, and that fabulous photographer they had follow the POTUS around everywhere, and Bo! And then that other dog they got for Bo!! And don’t even get me started on Joe Biden – Grandpa Joe!!!! Agh, big sigh.
This week feels like a lot, and I choose to celebrate, anything and everything that I can!  
This is the 3rd time I will be welcoming a president I voted against, and I am now feel wise enough to understand that he certainly won’t be the last!

I thank any of you whom have taken the time to read all this and only hope that I may inspire you to take a few minutes and think of all the things you can choose to celebrate this week, for Our Country’s Sake!


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