From My Mother's Basement…

About Me August 12, 2011

I spent the better part of my life in my grandmother’s basement, with my mother. my mother’s still there. i’m an only child. i also have a brother and a sister. i don’t share. i bruise like a peach. don’t hurt me – i’m sensitive, and i like to stay that way. I am much less interested in what people have done in their life than those things learned about the world and themselves from their life experiences. i don’t want to grow old. i cut my hair off because i didn’t like having it anymore and now that’s the thing i get daily compliments on. it does look great and i do cut it myself. sometimes you make plans and life laughs – that’s kinda how i became a mom. when i am stressed i like to clean. and make lists. and eat. i like to please people. and i don’t like it when people are mad at me. i worry and care too much about things. in general. i got a lot of attention growing up. i talk a lot. and people like to come to me when they want to talk. i like to have a lot of time to think. read books. relax. i’m always trying to find more time to relax. i’m a water sign. i try to let people be who they are. I am constantly striving to figure out how to be myself. i try not to let myself get offended by life and i’m fascinated by the human condition. i like to talk. if you have questions – ask.

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